Sunday, May 04, 2008

Wapo editors asleep at the gate

The Washington Post actually ran an article in today's Outlook section that reports somewhat effectively on political reality.

At the moment, Americans are fixated on the political campaign. In the meantime, many are missing a reality of the global era that may matter much more than their presidential choice: On an ever-growing list of issues, the big decisions are being made or profoundly influenced by a little-understood international network of business, financial, government, cultural and military leaders who are beyond the reach of American voters.

I suspect someone at the Washington Post is either about to quit or get fired.

Well, maybe not. David Rothkopf has written for them before, most prominently in a surprisingly intelligent article in which he predicted that the U.S. would be invading Arab countries for at least the next one hundred years. The Wapo bigwigs must have spurted all the way up to the ceiling when they read that happy news. I guess while they were in the throes of wargasm, they neglected to contemplate all the actual useful information in the article.

At the of today's piece, Rothkopf softens the news that there's no such thing as functional democracy in this country or anywhere else in the world. He reassures us that our vote still counts. I'm sure that his willingness to tack on that pleasing fairy tale is a point in his, and whoever was asleep at the gate's favor, but in the context of the entire piece, it was not the least bit believable.