Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pay no attention to the elephant in the rooom

Just saw my first McCain campaign commercial. Some guy was going on and on about how Obama has never operated a small business.

Funny, I don't recall seeing small business owner on McCain's resume. I don't think marrying a big business heiress counts.

How stupid do they think people are. Pretty fucking stupid, that's how.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hate, injustice, and the (real) american way

The Guardian UK, perhaps America’s most informative newspaper, gets off the campaign bus in the small town (pop. 176) of Hasty, Colorado and informs us:

Times have been tough here for some time, and seem only to be getting worse. "The valley is already hurting," Colleen tells us. "It's really scary for the kids that are making minimum wage and driving 25 or 30 miles a day to work — paying for gas, for babysitters, housing. Hard to watch these kids. It's a struggle. It takes all they've got. They don't have luxuries. They live on $1500 a month - $500 for rent. How can you live on that? They have no health insurance. They can't afford it."

Why are times so tough in these small towns? Well, the answer to that question is outside the bounds of big time journalism. We’ll just have to read between the lines. If we are able.

Not all areas of inquiry, however, are off the table.
She says most of the people in Hasty are for McCain, and she herself will vote for him. "I think they're scared of Obama," she says. Sarah Palin is the one Colleen really likes. "I think Sarah is the closest thing [to us] that's ever arrived in politics. She knows what it's like. She's got family. They [the politicians in Washington] don't know what it's like to live. They don't have a clue. I'd really like to sit down and talk to that woman."

The implication, of course, is that small town inhabitants are dumb. Dumb as a steaming pile of shit. And stinky too. Well, not all that dumb and stinky perhaps, but suffering from the debilitating weight of poverty induced ignorance. More like third worlders than civilized folk on the coasts, you know.

Scared of Obama? Sarah Palin knows what it’s like? She’s got family? Obama doesn’t have family?

And would Colleen really enjoy a sit down with Sarah? Yea, I’d love to observe that conversation.

Colleen (humbly):
"It's scary owning a store. People going hungry." She pauses. "I would never let that happen." She wants to make sure we understand that the locals here take care of one another, are made of strong stuff. We're survivors here. We'll survive anything. Beans and rice," she laughs, "and on Sunday put bacon pieces in it."

Sarah (backing away from the table, nasally Ned Flandersish voice):
“Taking care of other people?” That’s socialism. Why your (sic) just a gosh darned loser, Colleen. No wonder you gotcha some of them Socialist notions. Hard work is what you need.

Not that a real life Sarah Palin would actually sit down socially with someone like Colleen. I know because I am from a small town and have been acquainted with plenty of Sarah Palin types. They are the go-getters, attending the right churches, involved in the PTA, cheering fanatically at their kids’ ballgames, running for the school board, plotting to take down that obnoxious Mrs. Smith and anyone else who stands in their, or their kids', way. Small town women like Sarah are far worse than the snobs of Colleen’s nightmares. Rich New Yorkers, for the most part, would treat her well. The small town Sarah Palins, on the other hand, feel the god-driven need to make the Colleens of this world feel small. Really small. That’s one of the things I hate about small towns.

Of course, that alone is not enough to make me vote against the Palin/McCain ticket. I still haven’t made up my mind about this election. There’s a lot to hate about both tickets.

For starters, I hate all the candidates. I hate Obama, I hate McCain, I hate Palin, and if Obama had a running mate I would hate him or her too.

Not only do I hate the candidates; I really hate their followers. The Palin/McCain people are either small minded bigots, drop dead stupid, or sleaze bags wanting to keep their hands in my pocket for another four years. When I think about the type of hateful, divisive campaign they have run, I seethe with anger and want to vote for someone, anyone else. They think that just because I’m a small person from a small town and almost as hateful and angry as they are, that I will vote for them. They take me for granted. You can’t believe how much I hate that. You can't believe how much that makes me angry.

But what really pisses me off about the Obama people is the way they condescend. They are just like the Palin/McCain crowd only the opposite. They assume that just because I’m from a small town and anger and hatred gush visibly from my pores, that I am a Palin/McCain supporter. I hate that, too. It makes me angry. Really, really angry.

Just because I wallow in hate and anger don't mean I’m stupid. Not about politics.

I guess it will all come down to whom I hate most. Right now, I’m leaning slightly for Obama. Maybe it’s because I was never around an incredibly smart, cool and successful black guy when I was a kid so I can only hate him from an intellectual perspective. The Palins and McCains, however, I know all too well. Not only do I hate them, but they hate me as well. Why should I vote for someone who hates me?

Well, there's still time to answer that question. Nine more days to decide.

Gawd, I hate this election.