Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Brooklyn sucks

I've been spending a lot of time in the Bronx lately. The south Bronx at that. I've always heard it's like the worst fucking place on earth. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but certainly one of the worst places in New York City. Yet I've found it much more pleasant than Brooklyn. For example today I took a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong crowded freeway and then drove streets for about 30 long blocks at rush hour. About two thirds of the way out I was fiddling with my phone and realized that the light had changed four or five seconds ago. Shocked, I looked in the rearview to make sure there were cars behind me. Yes, of course, it was rush hour, there were cars behind me. Yet no one honked. What the fuck was that all about? In Brooklyn they time their honks to go off the split second before the light changes. If you actually hesitate a split second into the green light, it's very possible that two or three people behind you will burst a blood vessel due to their rage. They'll certainly lay on the horn. But the Bronx was different. At least today, and why would today be any different? It never is in Brooklyn.