Wednesday, May 07, 2008

More news from the megaplex

In important movie news, chuckling on-line magazine has learned that the awesome new Adam Sandler movie, You Don't Mess with the Zohan, was written by an awesome new screenwriter robot, the Awesomo 4000. We have also obtained a certified original copy of the Awesomo's script:

You see, Adam Sandler, he's like this super Jewish secret agent with, like, super powers, but he doesn't want to be, like, a super secret agent, he wants to be, like, a hair stylist in, like, New York so he, like, quits and moves to New York, but, like, the terrorists, like, they follow him and then he, like, does their hair and then, like, really kicks ass!!!!

It's a can't miss blockbuster, obviously. And the most perceptive critics agree:
When I initially read Andrew's tip, I expected it to be yet another film by a leftist Jewish Hollywood type, who is not exactly pro-Israel (plus I find Judd Apatow and his movies to be completely tasteless and stupid). But Andrew points out that Adam Sandler is not only very pro-Israel, but, last year (during the Israel-Hezbollah war), he donated 400 Sony Playstations to children in Israel, whose homes had been damaged by Hezbollah rockets.

So, yes, Muslims. You can now add Adam Sandler to your "Evil Zionist" boycott list.

That's good news for the Muslims... ummm, like, Not!

And one of her commenters brings up an interesting question and point:
Is Sandler Jewish? Even if he's not--I think he will be terrific as a Mossad man.

Hmmm, I don't know if Adam Sandler's background and can't even imagine how one could possibly find out if Sandler or any other celebrity is Jewish. But I saw the trailer at the multiplex and can assure you he does make an awesome (o) Mossad man/Hair stylist.