Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Everywhere the signs

I went online to rent a car and was shocked to find that the price for an economy car had nearly tripled since last time I rented. But what I really found interesting was that a full size SUV was $15 a day cheaper than the smallest car.

Well, market forces were speaking and I was listening. I checked the airlines, but they were no bargain either. We decided to stay home instead. The economy suffers accordingly.

Meanwhile, changes are afoot on the commercial street between my house and the subway. First, a grouchy old locksmith who had been there forever closed and was replaced by a 99¢ store. Then the leather guy. Another 99¢ store. Then a great Pizzeria that had been there for 50 years. Another 99¢ store. Several middle class clothing stores closed. Several $1 clothing stores opened. We have four nail salons, six drugstores, four Chinese restaurants, two polish groceries and one Albanian. None seem very busy. The Halal meat market just closed and so did one of the 99¢ stores. What could replace them? I don't know. The wife is betting another 99¢ store. The kids are split between a Chinese or a Mexican restaurant.

Me, I'm guessing pawn shops.