Saturday, May 24, 2008

Interesting chain of events, or, a slice of life in the age of the internets

I just read an interview with Exene Cervanka in the Village Voice. Apparently X has reunited and is playing a show in Manhattan tonight. I saw them in the early 80's and count that show as one of my favorite concerts.

Anyway, I was surprised to learn that Exene was married to the actor Viggo Mortensen. I originally had a bad impression of Mortensen because he was in those horrid Lord of the Rings movies. But then I came to respect and appreciate his work when I saw him in David Cronenberg's A History of Violence and Eastern Promises. Now I learn that he is much deeper than that. In addition to being married to Exene, He is a poet, writer, painter, photogorapher and musician. He has collaborated with guitarist Buckethead on 7 albums.On top of all that he runs a publishing house, Percival Press. Interesting as this little journey may or may not have been, it proved costly. I bought a picture book.