Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Man bites dog, Doormatocrats lay down on the porch, the world, it turns

Every four years or so, otherwise intelligent people begin to believe that if only they could elect Democrats, then everything would change. It's sad to watch them go through the inevitable stages of hope, belief, certitude, denial and dejection.

To get the party started for this election cycle, the Doormatocrats this week pulled down their pants and laid down on the porch with their asses in the air and politely asked the Republicans to fuck them in the butt and to please wipe up resulting mess with any remaining shreds of the constitution on the issue of the warrantless wiretapping of anyone any time for any reason or no reason at all.

I know, I know. That's already old news. They'll stand up next time. Sure they will. You bet. And yes, I know, chuckling is guilty of gross exaggeration. In reality there are plenty more shreds of the constitution for the Democrats to wipe up with after taking it up the ass from Republicans. The constitution is a big document.

So you see. Wouldn't you think that poor chuckling is cynical enough? Not fucking possible. Get this.

During all of these years that Bush administration officials have refused to testify before congress, I've always wondered why they didn't just have them arrested, thrown in jail and dragged into the hearings in chains if need be. But honestly, I thought that was just a rhetorical question, that the Democrats didn't do it because they couldn't do it.

Well, not so. From a congressional hearing on the subject we learn:

For example, the judge [U.S. District Judge John D. Bates] said, the House could order Miers's arrest and detention in a cell in the Capitol until she agreed to testify. Such actions were fairly common in the 19th century.

Can a major politcal party really be that weak? The answer is probably not what you think.