Thursday, June 05, 2008

chuckling 147 - big media pundits 0

Every week, for many weeks, the big media pundits have predicted that Hillary Clinton would quit the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. From the beginning, chuckling on-line magazine has predicted that she would stay in the race. The current scoreboard says chuckling 147 - big media pundits 0.

You may think that I would quit doubling down after so long a win streak, that I would just gather in my chips and go out for cocktails, but no, the dealer is scared and I smell blood. She is not going away. She is not quitting. The only reporting I've seen says she is going to suspend her campaign. The word "suspend" implies resumption. Is she releasing her delegates? No, I don't think so.

That's why I continue to support Hillary and do not back off an inch from my belief that she will be the nominee. She is truly a megalomaniacal loon. If by some miracle the Supreme Court does not appoint her Democratic standard bearer, she will begin the 2012 campaign the minute after they refuse to hear her case.