Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dick in the Observer

Andrew Sarris writes a review of Richard Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly in today’s New York Observer. You may recall that chuckling made a few comments on the same move a few weeks ago.

Sarris, as you will find if you click on the link above, is a god among movie reviewers. I very much enjoy reading him, but only if I do not plan to see the movie. Like all of the top reviewers, he gives away too much of the plot. The practice of regurgitating the plot is so widespread, I suspect that it is a requirement to get a review published. I guess most people will not continue to read a critic if they did not find out what happens in the movie, and they certainly wouldn’t want to see anything that they couldn’t prejudge based on a plot synopsis. Like, The Godfather, is like, a movie about gangsters, you know, and I don’t like movies about gangsters, but A Scanner Darkly is a movie about drugs, and I like drugs, so I wanna see that.