Saturday, September 13, 2008

Smells like corporate spirit

I've tried successfully up until now to avoid writing anything about computers or technology. Nevertheless, this quote from an article about Microsoft's new in-store "Guru" program painfully illustrates what's wrong with Microsoft as well as failing companies in general. The "Guru" program is in response to Apple's "Geniuses" who provide free in-store tech support. Microsoft's "Guru's," on the other hand, will not provide free tech support. They are there primarily as sales people, secondarily to keep the crap running and the advertising materials clean and straightened.

“The Guru role is to help sell Windows-based PCs. It is not to be an alternative tech support channel for Microsoft as this has no financial return beyond improved customer satisfaction,” Baker said.
"No financial return beyond improved customer satisfaction." Yep. That's the spirit. The spirit that keeps me paying the Apple tax all these years. Seems to be the spirit of those who govern us as well.