Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DuFuOR for evah!

The New York Times reports that "some lawmakers and experts were considering a longer-term legislative solution that would create a new agency to dispose of the mortgage-related assets at the core of Wall Street’s woes."

Okay, I'll go along with that, but only on the condition that it be named the Department of Corporate Welfare (DoCW).

But an even better idea is to create a government agency that would more efficiently transfer all of our wealth to billionaires. Currently, that responsibility is divided among many government agencies. We could realize a great cost savings if we were to create an umbrella department, something like Homeland Security, that would bring together all of the agencies that exist throughout the government to transfer our wealth to billionaires. They could name it the Department of Fucking us Over Royally (DoFuOR).

The DoCW (Department of Corporate Welfare) would be an important part of the DoFuOR. The savings, of course, would be given to billionaires.

In the meantime,we should all just sell our assets and mail the check to the nearest billionaire. It's our duty to do whatever we can to help "the economy" in its time of need.

BTW, note that all the lawmakers and most of the experts referenced in the Times article are democrats. See how they drop their lame-ass facade of being an opposition party when there's dirty work to be done that only they can do?