Thursday, June 12, 2008

Smears and tears

One of today's big news items is that Senator Obama's campaign has created a web site to rebut smears against the candidate and his wife. Ummm, this is the year 2000 and something. A web site to disseminate information? Well, duh. Who woulda thunk it?

As is not uncommon, the comments about an article give much better insight into what's going on than the article itself. Distilling the linked article above you can discern six essential comments that represent the all the interested parties' talking points of the day:

1. Obama is all words. Why won't he tell us what his policies are? Vote McCain! (Republicans)
2. If you wanna know his policies all you have to do is read his fucking web site, moron. Go ahead, vote for endless war and economic ruin. (Democrats)
3. That horrible Obama should put up a website to refute the smear job that Horrible Obama and those horrible Obama people did on our blessed Hillary Clinton. We're voting for McCain. Waaaaaah, waaaaaah, sniffle sniffle, waaaaaaaah, sniffle. (Clinton dead-enders)
4. She lost. Get over it. Go ahead, vote for McCain. Idiots. (Independents)
5. What smears? Them's all facts, Bub. Pass it on. (Hate Nutzis)
6. We welcome Obama as our Islamic overlord and can hardly wait for the restoration of the caliphate. (silly people)

If a person didn't know a thing about the issues and just judged these arguments by their logic, he or she would have to conclude that Senator Obama's opponents are small children raised by immoral parents as insane as they are stupid.

Is it December yet? Will it ever be?