Monday, May 26, 2008

Our lady of the perpetually aggrieved

In a shocking development, Paul Krugman has joined Hillary Clinton's cult of the perpetually aggrieved and begun to use his New York Times column to shed his bitter tears far and wide. All I can say is, welcome brother. We're glad to have you. What's your poison? Scary black cherry or scary blackberry? No rainbow punch for Our Lady's acolytes.

It's always been clear that Krugman favored Clinton, using a rational argument that on policy matters candidates generally do what they say they will and he thought Hillary's policies were better.

But the clock is running out. It is time to stop thinking and start taking dictation. Krugman typed the Clinton talking points about her being the better candidate in key states quite well, even finishing with the well-worn classic, "polls don't matter much five months before the election, but they do, they do, they really really do!!!!

And it is also time to fuck and chuck all that rationality and policy bullshit. We've got to rage to the four winds. Hillary has been wronged! By those horrible Obama people! The very least the monster can do is re-write the rules, give her $20 million, make her vice-president, then die. Hillary deserves to be president! Deserves it! She really deserves it (I break down in tears at this point). She really really really deeeeseeerrrrves it!

Fortunately, Krugman now gets that basic fact and offers some mild prescriptions:

One thing to do would be to make a gesture of respect for Democrats who voted in good faith by recognizing Florida’s primary votes...

The only reason I can see for Obama supporters to oppose seating Florida is that it might let Mrs. Clinton claim that she received a majority of the popular vote. But which is more important — denying Mrs. Clinton bragging rights, or possibly forfeiting the general election?

What about offering Mrs. Clinton the vice presidency? If I were Mr. Obama, I’d do it.

Yes, yes, my brother. Sing it from the pulpit! Get them to give an inch and we'll take the White House. And if those horrible Obama people don't come around, we'll destroy the Democratic party! Fucking ingrates. God damned apostates. We are the aggrieved and she is our lady!