Sunday, September 23, 2007

Monkey tales sunday edition (9.23.07)

In another triumph of the Free Market, a company purchased 49 nursing homes in Florida, cut costs and made millions of dollars for their top executives and investors. Unfortunately, the nursing home residents didn’t fare so well.

“They’ve created a hellhole,” said Vivian Hewitt, who sued Habana in 2004 when her mother died after a large bedsore became infected by feces.

That is truly sad, but you can’t blame the Free Market, much less lack of government regulation. These people in nursing homes should have done a better job taking care of themselves--you know, lived on a diet of fruit and vegetables jogged 10 miles a day, taken their vitamins and used those supplements that stop the aging process. People like us, the voters, realize that we will never grow old and get sick and neither will our parents. Better to have those private nursing home companies in our stock portfolios so we can buy yachts and private jets for our retirements.


In Iraq news, beyond the everyday carnage, the Iraqi government is making noises about prosecuting individuals from Blackwater USA, a company that supplies us with mercenaries who are legally authorized to murder people just for the fun of it, and often do.
A provision originally called Order 17, signed by L. Paul Bremer III in 2004, while he was the top American administrator in Iraq, was later enshrined into Iraqi law, effectively giving security companies working for the United States immunity from prosecution here.
Perhaps for that reason, no Western contractors of any kind are known to have been convicted of any crimes in Iraq.

As long as it’s legal and someone’s profiting, I don’t see any problem. What’s the point of conquering a country if you can’t murder people? It’s not just about oil.


In other Iraq news, President Bush is asking for an additional $50 billion to fund our murder sprees in Iraq and Afghanistan through 2008
The increase would bring the amount the administration is seeking to finance the war effort through 2008 to almost $200 billion.

Spending $200 billion in a year averages out to be over $561 million a day. I wonder how many murders that buys? Good thing there's nothing else we could possibly spend that kind of money on.


On the imminent arrival of the anti-Christ front, the Times reports that Jewish and Arab scientists are working together and explains the heretical nature of the endeavor.
as Dr. Sowwan explained to me over the echoing and crackling telephone line to East Jerusalem: “Science and technology are universal languages like music and not connected to any religion or politics. We can do a lot right here with friends around the world.”

That's like dogs and cats fucking. A clear sign that the end times are upon us. and science and technology? Universal languages? Not connected to religion or politics? Friends around the world? Rarely have I seen a sentence that so appallingly captured the socialist/athiest mindset. These people are supposed to be killing each other. Our national security, as well as our future in the afterlife, depend on it.


In other news on religion, following the lead of our own Republican party, religious fruitcakes are taking over the Russian schools in order to turn Russian children into ultra-nationalist morons.
“Sacred orthodoxy transformed and revived the Slavic soul after becoming its moral and spiritual foundation,” Ms. Telnova said, quoting Patriarch Alexy II. “Through the ages, Christianity helped to create a great country and a great culture.”

Next step: Fox News in the classrooms. That can’t end well.


And finally, in the Washington Post is the government's butt-boy department, we get this hed and subhed:

Bush Steps Out Front on Climate Issue
But No Policy Shift Is Planned as Nations Begin Debate on Post-Kyoto Accord


Bush Keeps Head up Ass on Climate Issue.
Wapo keeps head up Bush's Ass

Then we have the old standard:

Bush, Democrats Duel On Children's Insurance

An article in which the Post reports how the Republicans and Democrats call each other names, but fails to detail what the actual issues are concerning children's health insurance.


There's more, much more, but the day is upon me and I have things to do. I saw Into the Wild yesterday and should have a little write-up on it by tonight, if you're interested.