Thursday, January 11, 2007

Should christian girls wear miniskirts?

Bartholomew turns us on to the New Year's demented hopes and dreams of the retarded right. Apparently 25 percent of Americans anticipate the second coming of Christ in 2007. Yea, that could happen. I guess those are the same 25 percent who still think George W. Bush is not the pathetically malignant little idiot that he so obviously is.

Of course their leaders are more interested in the pre-second coming festivities. It's the anti-Christ that girds their loins. On that front, they hopefully scour the bureaucratic scat of the European Union for sign (again, via Bart).

EU Action Plan agreed on improving animal welfare within the European Union, for the period 2006-2010. Could the renewal of this document be the one that causes the sacrifice and oblation to cease, halfway through the Antichrist's reign? (Daniel 9:27)

What a world, what a world.