Friday, January 12, 2007

Rose garden strateegery

I couldn't help notice that we just stormed an Iranian consulate and took the occupants hostage. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that considered an act of war, or at the ver least, a war crime? I guess we're accustomed to the media ignoring acts of war and war crimes, but I'm surprised no one is pointing out the very obvious fact that once upon a time it was the Iranians who stormed our embassy and took our diplomats hostage.

Is it a question of turnabout is fair play? No, unfortunately it is yet another example of how we have abandoned the rule of law for the rule of the gun. Apparently we have unofficially declared war on Somalia at about the same time with the same lack of commentary, much less outrage over our complete abandonment of interanational good citizenship.

And meanwhile we want to increase the size of the army by 100,000. Whatever for? To invade more countries perhaps?

We are just a rogue state on a crime spree. Much like Nazi Germany in the late thirties, our security is threatened by weak states and shiftless races and we must lash out with overwhelming violence to protect the glorious homeland. Never mind that only an insane megalomaniac and his mindless followers could possibly think that this is the way to safety and national security, but it's not like we have any kind of system in place that can stop them.

I'm all for national security, but squandering trillions of dollars on a murder spree does not make us more secure. Just think how truly secure we could be if those trillions were spent on healthcare, education and job creation.

No, better not to think about it.