Sunday, November 05, 2006

Too many fridays

Molly Ivins:

There's so much evidence stacking up in the "Can't These People Do Anything Right?" File, you'd suspect their secret strategy is to reward incompetence. It's like the hiring of Michael "Brownie" Brown at FEMA or John Bolton at the United Nations -- it's just hard to imagine why.

So now the latest report from the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction says we have lost track of hundreds of thousands of guns we shipped to Iraq, many of which are likely now being used to kill our soldiers. For this administration, "Who's in charge of getting the plastic forks for the potato salad at the company picnic?" has deadly consequences.

A depressing story like this, and the week has barely even begun. I hate to imagine what will be on our plates by Friday.

Well Molly, turns out this week's friday surprise was that our heroes used the internet to publish a nuclear bomb how-to document.

Now today we learn from the great leader that oil is the reason for the Iraq war, always has been, and that it just goes to show how stupid those hippies chanting "no blood for oil" were three and a half years ago. Blood is cheaper than oil, at least if you're an oil man.

To quote one prominent conservative:
I don't mind a little bloodbath,
when I've got oil on my breath.