Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wapo uncovers stategy to clone george w. bush

"They read so fast, with no punctuation and no expression, that we'd go back and ask comprehension questions and they weren't very successful answering them. They hadn't understood what they read," he said.
That, from an article in today's Washington Post that show's Bush's education policy has focused on reading speed rather than comprehension and understanding.

Kinda sounds like the Iraq war "strategy." Victory determined by the speed with which the army could get to Baghdad, never mind all those massive arms depots they left unguarded along the way.

And every other "strategy" for that matter. Because the Bush administration is such a colossal failure in so many areas, academics will never find a lack of atrocities to analyze. The assault on reading comprehension will no doubt be deep down in the mix.

Unfortunately, the inability to understand what one reads is a cornerstone of failure and being taught taught in such a way that allows one to "succeed" without understanding will produce a large number of people who don't read at all and won't be able to understand meaning much deeper than street signs if they do.

Not that that will stop them from growing up to be president or anything, but still...