Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It is a reeling world indeed...

I saw Hilary Clinton on the late local news last night and she was truly a sad sight. The Senator had the resolute leader resolutely calling for other people’s death and destruction act totally mastered. She reminded me of Mr. Pitt giving that speech with the Hitler mustache on Seinfeld. Had she started stomping and chanting “Israel über alles” it would have been totally within the spirit of the moment.

What a hollow soulless woman she appears to have become. This is understandable on a number of levels. Probably the best reference I have read on the subject is Mario Vargas Llosa’s book A Fish in the Water, his memoir of running for the president of Peru. In it he talks about how politicians may actually have lofty ideals when they begin, but once the campaign is underway everything is unrelenting and often insane day-to-day strategy.

Hilary has been involved in that unrelenting and insane day-to-day, often hour-to-hour strategy for how long now? At least since 1990 and she’s bore far more of the worst aspects of the spectacle than probably anyone else in American politics. No one, not Al Gore, not John Kerry, not Michael Moore, none of the whining pansies on the right like George W. Bush, not even Bill “fucking” Clinton has been hit by half the shit that’s been thrown at Hilary.

Yes, she has grown some serious armor, no question about it, but it seems to have cost her whatever used to be inside. After seeing that performance, I realized that she could very well be our next president. The combination of naked ambition and demented hatred she projects should be very appealing to the right wing nutzoids. Note that she is spending a lot of time lately with Rupert Murdoch. The road is being paved. If only she could get rid of Bill, she’d be a shoe in. Don’t be surprised if he has some weird mishap where he slips in the bathtub while playing with an ice pick, or something like that. Al Gore might want to watch his back as well.

And that’s too bad. I used to genuinely like Hilary. Although she failed, she genuinely did care about health care and tried harder than just about anyone else to do something about it. And “It takes a village, to raise a child” is a blueprint for a better society as well as a nice sentiment. But unfortunately, the wacko I saw on television last night would more likely write something more along the lines of “It takes a lot of missiles to kill a lot of children, let’s make more missiles.”

The idea of her as president is genuinely scary.