Monday, July 17, 2006

150,785 over par, but who's keeping score?

I find it odd that three days into Israel’s insane rampage of death and destruction, no one seems to have noted that it represents another catastrophic failure on George Bush’s resume. Whether it proves to be as colossal as 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, Katrina, the economy, the rule-of-law, etc., remains to be seen, but in comparison to any normal president, or sentient being for that matter, his performance is miserable.

Of course we can excuse the mainstream media since they cannot be expected to seriously analyze things they don’t see staring at them in the mirror; and we know the (so-called) Democrats will be unable to get themselves up off the porch to say anything beyond “step on me(again)"; but I am a bit surprised the liberal blogosphere is so slow to comment on the obvious. Have we just become so accustomed to Bush’s catastrophic failures that they no longer merit comment?

And I don’t read every word, so maybe I missed it, but as far as I can tell a very important question has gone unasked: What, if anything, did the Israelis tell us before going on their insane murder spree? Do they no longer respect Bush enough to brief him before invading other countries? Did Bush o.k. it? Did the information even get to Bush or was the okay given further down the chain of command? Does anyone in our government have an ounce of sense?

If we were not a one party state, I would seriously ask if it Is it possible to impeach someone for sheer incompetence, or bettery yet, the entire execuive branch, but why bother? Give them another Mulligan and tell them how great they are. That’s the ticket.