Thursday, November 04, 2010

picture says it all

Has there ever been a politician more openly contemptuous of the people who worked so hard to elect him? Inviting the Republicans to dinner? Why doesn't he invite the people who supported him to dinner? Because he despises us, that's why. He just wants to be popular with the old farts in the country club. He'll shine their shoes, wash their balls, carry their bags, pay for their meals, lavish billions of dollars on them -- anything to be accepted. And the more he tries, the more it's him they despise.

Weak fucking loser ought to invite us to dinner. Not gonna happen, eh? And now with another election in two years, he'll soon come round begging us to pay for those dinners we're not invited to attend. Not me Bub. Ask your good buddy Joe Leiberman and your openly Republican friends.