Monday, July 27, 2009

Chuckling predicts a bipartisan solution for health reform

This is easy. Congress will eventually pass a health reform bill. It will be designed to transfer massive amounts of taxpayer money to health insurance companies. Given our experience with the financial sector, my guess is that the insurance companies will be given significant financial incentives to insure everybody, or at least most people, but there will be no actual requirement for them to do so. The guidelines will be voluntary. Executive compensation will be huge. Tens of millions will remain uninsured.

Then just as there are no racists in the age of Obama, and therefore no need for anti-discrimination laws; there will no longer be any need for Medicaid, or for the uninsured to visit emergency rooms, because everybody should have insurance. We'll see what form it takes, but some kind of compromise that denies millions of poor people the health care options they now have will be the makings of a bipartisan solution. The combination of windfall profits and punishing poor people will definitely appeal to the conservative Democrats and moderate Republicans who are so necessary to getting some kind, fuck all any kind, of health care legislation passed.