Sunday, January 18, 2009

chuckling rues a good thing

Apparently, Supreme Court "Justice" Samuel Alito is a petty little prick as well as a constitutional disaster. It seems he snubbed the President-elect because Obama voted against his confirmation to the court:

But when you look at his record - when it comes to his understanding of the Constitution, I have found that in almost every case, he consistently sides on behalf of the powerful against the powerless; on behalf of a strong government or corporation against upholding American's individual rights.
To put it mildly.

Delving deeper into the Obama's speech, we see that the President-elect is not right 100 percent of the time:
I have no doubt that Judge Alito has the training and qualifications necessary to serve. He's an intelligent man and an accomplished jurist. And there's no indication he's not a man of great character.
Well, he's obviously not a man of great character. He is, as both his official and private actions demonstrate, a small-minded, insecure little man of low character who detests the constitution and most of the rights normal decent Americans hold to be sell-evident.

I trust Obama is right to be publicly gracious to Alito and all the other pathetic right wing gits who have done so much damage to our country and the world, but sometimes I can't help wishing he were not such a better man than I. How great would it be for Obama to respond to Alito's snub by saying that it's a perfect illustration why the man has no business on the Supreme Court? Just say I toldya so. It would be great, I tell ya. Rub their fucking noses in it till they have no noses left to rub. Goddammed miserable failures. Why should anyone treat them with even a farthing's worth of respect? No reason, that's why.

Okay, no reason unless you want to govern effectively. And good luck with that B. Sincerely. But if all that honorable behavior fails, a great opportunity to put those fucking fuckers in their place will have been missed and they'll use the respect you've accorded them to fuck us all over again. And it will no doubt be worse next time. The only thing those fucks ever learn from their failures is to double their bets on the losing strategy.

But perhaps it won't play out that way. If Obama maintains his public graciousness while directing the justice department to thoroughly investigate any crimes that occurred under the Bush administration and relentlessly prosecute any criminals, then perhaps the damage can be contained. But if these scumbags are allowed to get away with it, the Bush-Obama years will, at best, be described as 1078 steps backwards, two steps forward. Then we'll have someone like Palin or another Bush to take us another thousand steps backwards. All that, and without the benefit of a helluva lotta well-earned payback.