Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another day in the life

I've given up color photography. Just so you know. I'm like totally sick of color. It's just a trick the brain plays on the eyes and I've had it up to here with stupid brain tricks. From here on out, all I do is black and white. And many shades of gray. At least sixteen. No fewer.

I had to get a specialized black and white camera, which was expensive. That and the price of travel these days resulted in me staying home for Thanksgiving, doing my part to tank the economy. I'd already taken the vacation days at work, so here I am playing the tourist in Brooklyn on a rainy November day. Today I saw Flatbush Avenue.

Figuring it's going to get even colder before it gets warmer, I hiked to Sears and bought some long underwear. When I got home I put on a top and threw a t-shirt over it. My teenage daughter said I looked like Kurt Cobain if he had lived to be old and fat. Kurt Cobain, I thought. Cool. Anyway, after shopping I had a bite to eat.

Then I did some window shopping. The Xmas season is upon us.

I felt safe with the NYPD watching over me.

Getting tired, I stopped by the orgy for some relaxation.

Then I took a picture of a tree.

That got me thinking about nature so I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It's free on weekdays all winter.

Afterward I walked back home through Prospect Park. Tomorrow I'll probably do the same. The same. The same. The same.