Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fiction with russia may spell trouble for us

That's an actual headline from today's NY Times, minus an "r" and a period or two. If Google would let me use more words in headlines, I would have titled this something like "Example #45,890 that humans are an incredibly violent and stupid species of monkeys too violent and stupid to survive for long on this here earth" or "What the fuck is wrong with Republicans? Can they really be that fucking stupid? Is there anything they will not do to maintain power? example #64,876."

I mean, why, oh why, are we so hepped up to install a missile system on Russia's borders? To bring back the cold war? The only rational reason I can think of is to have a seriously scary enemy. Not just another enemy. A seriously scary enemy. The goat fucking al quaeda losers just aren't scaring the real 'Mericans like they used to. But fucking with Russia? Yea, that'll do the trick. Duck and cover motherfuckers. And vote for the tough guy (by tough we mean cowardly tool, you understand).

Is there anything positive that we, as a species, have accomplished that the Republican's don't want to roll back? Anything? Please, help me out here. I'm at a loss.

Bring back the Berlin wall. Only this time without the art.