Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why we are losing - Part 7562

Senate Republicans today defeated an increase in aid to low income people who struggle to pay their energy bills. The vote was 35 to 55, with the 35 being the victors. Democrats were reportedly frustrated. Why? You'd think they'd be used to getting their asses handed to them by half as many Republicans. Seems to happen every day.

If it's so easy to defeat legislation, which for Republicans it apparently is, one wonders why the Democrats couldn't manage it when they were so busy giving away the farm during the Bush years. What's to wonder ese? They can't win when they have a majority. Why would they fight when they are outnumbered?

And where was Barack Obama during this important vote? Oh, he is in Europe. Great, but why couldn't the Democrats wait for him to get back. It was a rare saturday session. Were the Democrats trying to lose before he could get back and make an issue out of it? If played right, McCain and the Republicans' failure to help people could be a day's news leader. Obama votes to help low income people with their energy bills. Where is McCain? What's his problem?

A functional political party would be peppering asshats like McCain and his thoroughly corrupt colleagues with valid questions about their actions. Instead, theyare on the defensive. Can it really be that difficult? I don't see how.