Thursday, July 03, 2008

Party like it's 1999

I'll try not to harp on this continually as the elections season rolls on. I know it doesn't win me any friends or influence. But periodically I just have to point out the overwhelming evidence that we live in a one party state. And now seems to be a good time for a little reminder, seeing how Senator Obama just dropped any pretense of being a Democrat. His embrace of Bush's Iraq policy so soon after his embrace of Bush's domestic spying policies should give you a couple pretty solid clues as to how things actually work. Senator Obama, just like everyone else in any kind of leadership position, is a member of the inner party. Whether he wins or loses, there will be no roll back of the national security state, no sensible universal health care and no change in the direction in the flow of money from the middle class to the wealthy.

But if elected, I wonder what he will accomplish. He's very eloquent and persuasive you know. The sky is not even the limit. President Clinton only managed to fulfill the liberal dream of doing away with Aid to Families with Dependent Children. Maybe President Obama will achieve the holy grail and destroy social security and medicare. For the good of this great nation, you know. For the good of Americans like you, me, and our sainted grandmothers. With a bi-partisan consensus of Republicans and centrist Democrats, he'll be able to accomplish just about anything.