Sunday, May 11, 2008

Crazy like a victim

Maybe it's just one of those days, but I've spent the early morning reading report after report from fellow Clinton supporters that we are noble victims of a cruel, misogynist world that wants nothing more than to punish us because we are women (and men, or at least man) who support Hillary Clinton. We are poor things. Poor, poor, pitiful things. It is all very sad.

This, from the Washington Post:

"The more I'm involved, the angrier I get. Every call for her to get out of the race just incenses me. It makes me crazy. Who are you? Who in the world are you to tell this woman who's done so much that it's time for her to be quiet and sit down?"

Say it sister. She has done so much. So much. It's not fair.

Others wallow in their victimization differently. We see quite a bit of that in the comments at Opinionator column on the NY Times website:

...wake up…I forgot how angry I am about this culture’s treatment of women until I re witnessed it in this election…talk about reopening a chasm…clinton is just the tip of the iceberg…obama’s minions and the media treated my candidate and the millions who support her with contempt and derision…and that’s where the divide originated, not from her.

Hillary would have been lambasted by the media if she fed the hungry, healed the sick and brought peace to the middle east because she’s a woman.

Hillary Clinton deserves to be President of the United States. She is a woman and has many accomplishments. The White Men have had their turn, and the African Americans will have to wait for their turn. Since half of the African Americans are women and women have been oppressed longer than the African Americans, a woman elected as President would be the most fair thing to do for everyone. Men should get over this fact. (ed. note: hopefully this one's a joke, but you never know,)

History will judge the political fall of Hillary Clinton as indisputable evidence that the politics of gender is powerful and divisive and that misogyny in this nation, which gave women the right to vote 88 short years ago, pervades our culture. We have many miles to go before the nation accepts the reality that all people are created equal.

All of the nasty and vile words that have come from the Obama camp, supporters and pro Obama media, about Hillary and her supporters, is exactly the reason Obama will lose in the fall to McCain. The Hillary supporters have been wounded beyond healing. The Clintons good name has been dragged through the mud over and over again by the rude, nasty, and hateful Obama people.

Aaaaaahhhhh, Obama is a cursed brat! Look what he's done! She's melting, melting. Oh, what a world, what a world. Who would have thought a dark skinny guy like him could destroy her beautiful wickedness?

That last one was me. It's what I say to myself.

As you may recall, I support Hillary's presidential aspirations because she is a tragi-comic figure, a bitter and defeated sociopath, crazy like a loon. Not because she is a woman.

And I have the same kind of respect for my fellow victims. Don't you just love the aroma of tragi-comedy in the morning.

And thanks Roy, for the cow tip.