Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Chuckling on-line magazine went all out to cover this year's Burning Man festival and has yet to kick much of that fine white dust off our shoes. As a small on-line publication, our resources are limited. Alcohol is far and away the largest item on the P&L statement for each article we publish. Nevertheless, we managed to fly all the way across the country, pick up an entourage and camp in a beautiful desert for a week. We sent a writer, a still photographer and a videographer, as well as a couple Sherpa-like dudes to carry the drugs, light our pipes, fill our cups, call our attention to all the beautiful semi-nude women, find the best parties and generally distract us from our journalistic duties. We were in California much of the time and a California frame-of-mind just about all of the time, so we can say "dude" as long as it's in a sentence that contains some kind of reference to illegal substances.

Anyway, we'll be publishing the results of this project in the coming weeks and months. You can probably expect to see photographs regularly and perhaps a slideshow or two. We'll try to provide a little blog-style commentary to fill the dead spaces. And Chuck has a story to tell, but that could take a few weeks. Don't hold your breath for the video project(s) (unless you want to), but feel free to look forward to them. There is no possible way to understand anything at all about Burning Man without being there, but video is as close as it gets.