Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lieberfrau 08

I’ve noticed the headlines about Hillary Clinton’s tiff with Obama regarding how they would handle basic diplomacy as president. Obama is in favor of diplomacy. Hillary, as usual, supports the Republican position and opposes diplomacy.

Of course she is way ahead in the polls, but you have to suspect that she is this cycle’s Ed Muskie--the front-runner with a seeming lock on the nomination who no one outside of big money actually supports--when no less than Charles Krauthammer comes to her defense and attacks Obama on the issue. Yes, Charles Krauthammer. That is the company she keeps.

Unless Obama proves to be as spineless as the typical Democrat, which I admit looks to be a good possibility, it will become more and more obvious that Hillary is the female Joe Leiberman. The editorial staff here at chuckling on-line magazine is willing to go out on a limb at this early date and predict that Republicans in droves will vote in the Democratic primaries to help her win. Hillary is the only Republican with a chance of being elected president. And if that trick fails, odds are good she would follow her leader and run as an independent with near unanimous Republican support in the general election.

Might as well start calling her Lieberfrau sooner rather than later.