Sunday, January 14, 2007

There they go again

The Washington Post prominently displays the headline “5 Iranians Linked to Militants” on their web page, referring to the 5 people the U.S. violently kidnapped from the Iranian consulate in the Kurdish state in Iraq. Funny though, when you click on the article it’s not about the 5 being linked to militants, it’s about the Iraqis and the Kurds protesting their violent kidnapping.

Though to be fair, it is reported way down in the article that “the U.S. military had information indicating that the Iranians were "closely associated" with activities targeting U.S. and Iraqi forces.”, whatever that may mean.

Of course I don’t know whether these Iranians are funneling weapons for our Shiite allies in Iraq to kill us with or not, but the Wapo article doesn’t address the issue. And even if the article was about what its headline claimed, I don’t doubt that they, the Iranians not the Post, would confess, but what’s a confession worth when it’s obtained by torture? Nothing, that's what.

No, this is just another example of lame ass pro war propaganda from our “independent” media to justify another idiotic crime by the morons in the White House.